Abbreviated CALL SCRIPT

Good morning/afternoon/evening is this (CUST NAME), Great. Its (AGENT NAME) calling BUSINESS & CONSUMER COMPARISONS

As a major energy comparison provider we are looking to conduct a review on your existing Energy Supply policy to make sure that you are not paying more than you should and that you are receiving the best cover possible.

Just to let you know over 80% of people who have a policy in place who do review it end up getting a better deal than what they have already got. Worst case scenario is that you find out that you have the best policy that is best suited to you.)

Firstly let me just inform you that all of our calls are recorded for training and quality purposes.


Do you have a prepay meter (key & card/top up)               (Must be No)

And can I confirm that you currently pay via Direct Debit (Must be Yes)

Do you have any current outstanding debt with existing supplier                (Must be No)

You haven’t switched with the last 14 days? (Must not have switched in the last 14 days)

Can I confirm that you do not need assistance today in reviewing your supplier (Must be No) and that you are you the Decision Maker (Must be Yes)


Is the property a new property? (If yes ask the date when moved in, this must be a maximum of 10 days away from confirmed move in date)

A more thorough script will be provided in your training day.



Millions of people across the UK are starting to realise that sometimes size does matter.

When it comes to energy suppliers, smaller really can be better – but it’s also important to remember that not all small suppliers are created equal.


We’re a new gas and electricity supplier based in Mansfield but supplying energy to homes across the country and whilst we might be small, we offer simple tariffs that allow you to make big savings on the cost of your energy bill.



It takes just 5 minutes for you to get a quote and sign up with us. All we need is a few basic details; like your name, address and your bank details to setup your direct debit. After that we will take it from there.

It usually takes no longer than 21 days including the day you sign up and there is no need for an engineer to come to your house, we do everything at our end. The only thing we ask from you is to send us a meter reading around your supply start date which we’ll contact you to remind you about.

The process goes like this:

  • On the day you sign up, you’ll get a Welcome Pack sent to your email address which includes all the details you need about the tariff you’ve chosen including key terms, your direct debit details and expected start date.

  • From the day you sign up you have a 14 day cooling off period which means you can cancel for any reason whatsoever in that time and we’ll simply cancel your switch; there will be no change to your arrangement with your current supplier and no exit fees charged….just send us an email and we’ll cancel the switch.

  • We’ll contact your old supplier and let them know the date you are moving to entice energy.

  • We’ll ask you for a meter reading which we need between 2 days before and 7 days after your supply start date; this will be used for us to open your account and for your old supplier to close your account.

  • That’s it, Simple! Your first statement from us will usually be received by the end of the first month but if your opening read is estimated from the transporter it could take 6-8 weeks for it to arrive.




Not much at all, once you've signed up you don't need to do anything until we confirm your switch is done which usually takes 21 days. You don't even need to tell your old supplier, we'll do all that for you!


Once your switch is confirmed we'll contact you and ask for a meter reading to open the account. Until then just sit back and relax!


If you join us between September and March we will add on a Winter Uplift of 25% to your direct debit as you will not have had sufficient time to build up a buffer to get you through the cold winter months where you use more gas than your monthly payment.


Don’t worry this is not an additional charge and we will take this into account when we review your direct debit in the spring and lower it once you are back on track.


We review your payments after two months, 6 months and every 6 months thereafter to make sure your payments are roughly in line with your usage.


People we can not sell to are called VULNERABLE ADULTS

What is a vulnerable adult?

OfGem Definition

A vulnerable customer is defined as someone who is:

significantly less able than a typical consumer to protect or represent his or her interests in the energy market

significantly more likely than a typical consumer to suffer detriment, or that detriment is likely to be more substantial


Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Definition

“A vulnerable consumer is someone who, due to their personal circumstances, is especially susceptible to detriment, particularly when a firm is not acting with appropriate levels of care.”


Who could be a vulnerable adult?

Physical Disability

Mental Health


Learning Difficulties

Long Term Illness

Change in Circumstances


Why would the above be considered a vulnerable adult?

Who else could be considered a vulnerable adult?

What is our duty of care with vulnerable adults?


There are a number of warning signs you can pick up on to identify if the caller on the other end of the line is in fact vulnerable

A simple thing you can do to help with this identification is to consider the following the four questions and whether or not they apply to the customer. The questions come under the acronym CARE:


  • Comprehend – Is your customer able to follow and understand the discussion taking place?

  • Assess – Is your customer able to follow and understand the discussion taking place?

  • Retain – Does your customer appear able to retain the information you are giving them? / Can they recall details or are you having to repeat?

  • Evaluate – How well do they express, explain or communicate their decisions? / Is the dialogue genuinely two-way or are they simply agreeing with what you say









6 Leads per agent per day



Initially 9-5 UK time. Would look to move to something like 11-7 assuming a roll out as those hours are better suited.






To be provided by BCC.