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Through our portfolio of four print titles you can communicate with almost every retailer and wholesaler in the UK. Our readers use RN (Retail News), Retail Express, Retail Success Handbook and Better Wholesaling as tools to improve their businesses. The reputation of these publications is built on journalistic integrity and dedication to serving the needs of the retail community.



RN is the weekly business magazine for progressive shop owners. It’s an intelligent title packed with in-depth advice and analysis; the only paid-for trade publication in the sector. RN is the preferred publication of the National Federation of Retail Newsagents, representing more than 15,000 independent retailers. The magazine is delivered Free of charge.



The call is to check that they are not multiples (such as Tesco/Co-op etc) and obtain postal and email contacts details as well as a named contact which should be the Owner/Manager



It is important that it is made clear to the client that you are calling on behalf Newtrade Media Limited publishers of RN Magazine, Retail Express Magazine and Better Wholesaling Magazine. They also hold the following events: The Independent Achievers Academy and Local Shop Summit



NEWTRADE MEDIA LIMITED will telephone check a sample of every batch returned to them.




Check all spellings and ensure that all addresses (including email addresses) are correct.


Spend time checking that you have received all the information and recorded it correctly.



A concluded call is a completed call. This means that you have verified correct company name, address details, postcode, obtained the courtesy title, first name, surname and job title of the required decision maker and gathered a personal email address & establish what type of outlet it is, ie: Independent. Only Independent stores qualify. 



When confirming and collecting data, we are looking for a minimum of 15 contacts per hour.


Call Script


Hello, my name is…….. I am calling on behalf Newtrade Media Limited publishers of Retail News Magazine, we deliver it to the store for free and I just need to ask a couple of brief questions so that we can continue sending the Retail News magazine to (Name of store).

Just to let you know, the call may be recorded for quality and monitoring purposes.

Is this the (name of store) located at (address) and could I confirm the name of the Owner/Manager at that store please? And may I have the email for the store or manager?

And can you confirm that you are happy for (them/ you) to receive future information from Newtrade Media Limited via: Post?    Email?  Telephone?

May I ask who I am speaking to? And what is your job role there?

(If asked why we're collecting their details) It is so we can keep the owner/manager informed about industry news, keep them updated with our latest products, and give them opportunities to attend our events. Our magazines and events are all free of charge, and provide them with the change to meet other independent retailers, as well as suppliers, and to get industry insights and advice from experts.) (also publish; Retail Express Magazine and Better Wholesaling Magazine.)

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